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Dreamstarter Academy, Day 3

Cultural Resource Center for the National Museum of the American Indian

In the afternoon we were able to view the collections from our area. We viewed the Wailaki baskets and string making materials. We were able to watch scientists talk about how they date the materials in the Center. They were all very nice people.

This is in front of the Cultural Resource Center of the National Museum of the American Indian

Self-Care Workshop

On the 3rd day, we also had a Self-Care Workshop with Steve Hill, a spiritual man who helped us deal with stress.

Steve Hill, Running Strong Consultant

Boss Pitch and Social Media

We went back to the WeWork Wonderbread Factory and worked on our "Boss Pitch" that we were going to give Billy the next day. This part of the workshop was very intense, but also very good information.

Dinner with Billy Mills

In the evening, the Dreamstarters ate dinner with Billy Mills. It was great!

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