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Dreamstarter Academy, Day 2

After breakfast, we went to the WeWork Wonderbread Factory to receive training on iPad Media Making and Spokesperson Training. We broke up into two groups so each group had an opportunity to take each training session. Then we at lunch at there. The WeWork Wonderbread Factory is a very impressive, modern building.

We worked at the WeWork Wonderbread Factory.

Jeremy took photos during a Photobooth Activity.

We brought special clothing to have "official" photos taken and after everyone was photographed, we left. While we waited, we were videotaped working on our "pitches" and our iPad practice.

We took a group pic, with our mentors, before we left.

National Museum of the American Indian

We visited the National Museum of the American Indian. We didn't have a lot of time, so we took in as much as we could.

In the National Museum of the American Indian

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