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This website has been put together by Round Valley Unified School District's Native American Studies Program.  Cheryl Tuttle, Shanice Britton and the Wailaki 1 started the website in 2016.  Shanice through community service for her Rodney T. Mattthews Memorial Scholarhsip and the 2015-16 Wailaki 1 class worked on the animals section.  Through Shayleena's Dreamstarter grant, the RVHS Wailaki 2 class has revived this waiting webpage, recording and uploading to provide the Wailaki language community with a ready resource to read, hear, and "see" the language.  Thank you to all the individuals who have generously given their time and energy to help revive the Wailaki language.

Cheryl Tuttle
Rolinda Want
Shayleena Britton

Wailaki Language Teacher

Native American Studies Director


Cheryl is of Yurok/Karuk descent.  As the RVUSD Native American Studies Director, her goal is integrate Wailaki and other local Native langauges into RVUSD and community of the RVIT community.

Women for Running Strong American Indian Youth:  Cheryl Tuttle

Wailaki Language Teacher


Rolinda, (Wailaki/Yuki) and a member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes teaches Wailaki at Round Valley High School and integrates the Wailaki language into RVUSD's Lessons of Round Valley Land curriculum in grades K-8.

2017 Dreamstarter


Shayleena, (Wailaki/Yuki) is the 2017 Running Strong for American Indian Youth Dreamstarter.  She has inspired our high school youth to record and maintain Wailaki language social media platforms to share the Wailaki language with the Round Valley community.

See Facebook Page:

Lourdes Pedroza-Downey, Blaze Burrows, Shobe Britton, Buster Christensen, and Ashlea Zaste.

Wailaki 2/3 Class

RVHS Wailaki 2/3 Class has helped with audio recordings, sharing the language on Shayleena Britton's "Wailaki Kunnes Bakang Ishjii Naigai" page on Facebook, and they give presentations, prayers and promote the language by teaching at the Wailaki Langauge Events for Shayleena's Dreamstarter project.

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