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        In our Wailaki 1 class, we focus on vocabulary development.  Students also learn introductions, simple verbs, prayers, game phrases, and simple conversation.

         This is a photo of our very first Wailaki Class at RVHS, 2014-2015.

RVHS WAILAKI 2 & 3 Class

          Our Wailaki 2 and 3 classes continues vocabulary development, learns "domains," prayers,  delves into contemporary and Wailaki stories and helps with spreading the Wailaki language through social media and at conferences.

          Wailaki 1,2, and 3 are A-G approved for college.


Shayleena’s dream is to teach the Wailaki language through the use of social media. She will share information on a Wailaki Facebook page with a word of the day, traditional stories, prayers and everyday purposes of the language.

"In our Wailaki classes at the high school, we get to learn a lot about being Wailaki, just through the language. I want other Wailakis to feel how good it feels to learn the language and how close we feel to our ancestors through the language." -Shayleena

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